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There are many services that the Center for Global Study & Engagement provides for you. Perhaps our most visible role is to assist new students upon arrival and provide orientation sessions that are designed with international student needs in mind. For F-1 visa and J-1 visa holders, we also serve as the primary advisors for visa requirements and visa benefits. If you are unsure where to find a particular service on campus or how to navigate through student requirements, our staff can provide direction and explain which offices and departments are relevant to your question or problem. Throughout the year, our staff will send messages to you about academic 事件s, information sessions, important deadlines, and international student issues, such as Winter Break housing, and tax requirements. While much of our communication will come as 电子邮件s, we want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us when you have questions or when you simply want to talk. You can find our staff  in our offices (Stern 13 和 Stern 18) during business hours (8:30am - 4:30pm) - Please, 相约.

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我们的一些服务是通过电子邮件的最佳要求,所以我们有您的具体要求的记录和你约会的请求。以下是你可以请求服务 电子邮件:

  • 验证字母应用到社会治安管理和交通的宾夕法尼亚部门
  • 验证字母谁必须证明长期登记或签证身份为他们的家政府推迟服兵役,从国民健康保险的豁免,以及类似的目的学生
  • 验证字母学生的家庭成员需要旅游签证申请证明文件,以毕业参观。请填写 申请表电子邮件 它给我们
  • 回答有关F-1和J-1签证条例的问题
  • F-1学生只有约校外工作许可的一般信息
  • F-1学生只:更新你的公司或本国的地址为您的SEVIS记录
  • F-1学生只:你的SEVIS记录转移到另一个学校我们

其他服务最好的处理脸对脸。 联系我们 安排用于以下会议:

  • 问题和存在的问题与您的调整给我们的生活
  • 移民形式的官方签名(“插入式”时间将安排在学生需要的旅行签名寒假和暑假)
  • 关于F-1和J-1的规定如何适用于您的具体情况和计划的问题
  • F-1学生只:改变你的I-20表上的程序或财务信息,包括重大变化,毕业日期,和FINANNanzan University (Japan) summer program students eating ice cream in downtown Carlisle, PA.官方援助